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If only we could be a bit more like The Donald. He makes firing people so easy on his "Apprentice" shows. Of course he's not an HR professional that must deal with the conflict and the aftermath of an employee termination. Even though it can be stressful, don't rush the process- everyone involved will be better off in the long run, even if you get flak for taking so long. Avoid the worst case scenario: litigation from the terminated party.

How about a checklist to get you through the process? From a pair of lawyers, here are some best practice items to think about.


do's and don'ts of starting a new jobThere are a number of articles that suggest how to look and act your best when starting your new job. Much of it is good advice, but there are also some gaps that exist because everything seems so obvious. But not everything is as it seems.

It has been said that twenty-first century survival depends on knowing how to change jobs. He or she who excels at landing their next job is the one who thrives best!

Jobs in the tech sector, especially CIO jobs, are out there. Chances are you’ve scored a couple of interviews, so here are three must-do’s to add to your job seeking expertise.

What are your stated talent acquisition goals this year? Are you in the thrall of urgent emergencies and a contested budget? Who or what sets the agenda for your workforce structure? It’s time to take control of your staff and make every hire a meaningful part of a strategic plan for the entire company. Too often, we hire to cover holes or relieve pressure. Get ahead of the game. What follows are topics and goals worth considering as you ponder your hiring decisions.

Over the past 30 years we’ve learned a lot from candidates and employers about turnover. We see two principal reasons top talent leave companies, the first is dissatisfaction with advancement opportunities at their current employer and the second is being underutilization, in other words, few opportunities to demonstrate one’s capabilities of raising the standards or adding to the company’s value.

6 Qualities of Successful Managers | Talent Acquisition Anderson Sterling AssociatesThe process of transitioning from a good manager to great manager takes hard work and passion. High quality management skills aren’t just nice to have in a company - they are critical to the long term success of the business. Poor management can affect the level of customer service, staff morale and turnover and the loss of customer focus.

Hiring specialized personnel can be very challenging. Everybody wants the best that the market has to offer. Your new hires have to be experts who are qualified, skilled, competent, and experienced. Recruitment agency Anderson Sterling Associates is here to help you navigate the crowded waters of employee searches. We are really skilled at doing the legwork on your behalf.

Talent Acquisition with Anderson Sterling Associates


Your talent acquisition process does not have to be an extended, difficult experience. Sometimes it can seem especially overwhelming: There might be a great deal of talent, but there could also be personality issues or lacking skill sets. You need a helping hand to monitor all of the relevant hard and soft skills that a potential new employee may bring to the table. This partner for your talent acquisition search should be Anderson Sterling Associates, and here are the top reasons why.

If you’re a job seeker, know this: Anderson Sterling Associates works closely with HR teams to help find vacant positions that cater to your skills and abilities within the tech field. With over 30 years experience in talent acquisition, our company provides complete control and flexibility over investing in new employees.

The Costs of Talent Acquisition and Retention

Most businesses understand that the cost of employee turnover can be an enormous disadvantage. What is less well known is that the costs vary depending on the role of the employee. The higher level the employee, the bigger the hit. However, while lost efficiency and productivity are important, the costs aren’t just financial. Many businesses fail to consider the cultural impact of turnover. Employees that notice a high turnover rate tend to be less engaged in their jobs, and more inclined to job hunt, increasing job turnover rates. At Anderson Sterling Associates we understand the dynamics of job turnover, and recognize that the way to prevent all of these costs is to hire and retain top employees. Talent acquisition is on ongoing part of doing business!


"I have been working with Anderson Sterling Associates (ASA) for over 20 years and have recommended them to our partners as well. What sets them apart is their innovative approach of locating candidates who fit the qualifications we are looking for. ASA has helped find the highest level of talent for the company."
-Max Maggi
VP of Development Programs at Hutchinson Aerospace