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do's and don'ts of starting a new jobThere are a number of articles that suggest how to look and act your best when starting your new job. Much of it is good advice, but there are also some gaps that exist because everything seems so obvious. But not everything is as it seems.

Don’t start your new job with the idea of giving your maximum effort when you hit the ground

This sounds very counterintuitive, but we're not suggesting you do less than quality work, It is a caution to setting yourself up for an early burnout and a mediocre annual review. Consider what many people do when getting a new job. They are excited and appreciative to have the opportunity to prove themselves, and this enthusiasm often ends up with the person doing everything they can and telling everything they know. Beyond the potential ill-will from co-workers, maintaining that pace for 50 weeks is impossible. Management will note that you had a great start, but then once you became comfortable your energy level petered out.

Plan to spread your energy evenly, recognizing that this is only the START of your new job, and there will be plenty of time for you to demonstrate your talent and knowledge.

Do use the first few weeks to demonstrate that you do know something, but not everything.

Learn to realize the difference between “I don’t know” and “I’ll find out.” The latter is a far better choice, as it demonstrates that you are willing to learn without admitting ignorance. As a new hire, you will have to suppress the knowledge of your previous employer’s methods and procedures while learning about how your new company operates. Beyond saving yourself a measure of embarrassment, your admission that you are simultaneously competent and ignorant will have management more willing to train you in the long run.

Find a balance that is appropriate for your position and new hire status.

Don’t get pulled into office politics too soon

This is for those people who tend to be more political in business environments, so does not apply to everyone. At the same time, almost every company has a political side to deal with, and few people will avoid being stuck in the political web if they are with the company long enough. Remember that the best political connections are cultivated over a period of time. Beyond avoiding the appearance of being overeager, you will demonstrate a level of business maturity that will be recognized by the very political connections you are seeking.

Patience is a virtue, and is also a recognizable part of a person’s character. For more on this, try this article from Forbes Magazine

Do demonstrate early on that your boasting during the interview was not simply all hot air

If you are honest, there are a few statements you made during the interview process that were at least mildly exaggerated. Interviewers, being both human and experienced, usually overlook such statements as the interviewee’s selling points. But now that you have your new job, you can immediately get to work on showing that your claims can be supported by your actions. Beyond demonstrating your skills and talent, you will prove yourself as someone who is honest and trustworthy, making yourself even more believable.

As a new hire, it is also part of your job to show that you have integrity, which is a long-term asset for both you and the company.

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