Recently published data regarding employment rates in 2015 shows a continued decrease in unemployment following the 2014 trend. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor provides some hope for the future - revealing that the average unemployment rate for technical occupations is less than half of the national rate.

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By the time you have decided to hire a recruiter, you probably need one with particular expertise that you don’t already have in-house. Also, by this time you probably need to hire for your open position as soon as possible.There are countless recruiting agencies out there to choose from. When it comes time for you to hire one, finding the right one for your needs seems almost as daunting as hiring another employee. Do you want a big national firm or a boutique firm that specializes specifically in your industry? Do you want a sole proprietor who can give your search that individualized attention, but whose contacts may not be as numerous as the larger firm?  

In today’s environment, you are lucky to get the necessary approval to hire the people you so desperately need. You often have to jump through many more hoops than in the past and when you finally get approval to hire someone, often your hands are tied regarding potential salary and cost to fill the position. You are, however, so excited that finally - after needing to hire for the past year or more - you can now get the person you need to help grow the business. So now that you have an open position, you want to fill it with the best possible candidate in the shortest period of time and keep the recruiting costs down as much as possible. This is where your recruiting strategy becomes almost as important as who you hire.

Why Technical Recruiting can be More Challenging than All Other Types of RecruitingAnyone who is tasked with filling technical positions soon finds out that this is indeed a unique challenge. Of course, as with filling other types of positions, you have to make sure that the person you hire is a good fit for the company culture and will also be able to make a positive contribution to your bottom line.

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Are you wondering how to attract top talent in IT and computing? In 2015, the economy is rebounding and knowledge workers expect more than ever from their workplace. For top technical talent, it is a “seller’s market.”

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Recruiting top talent has changed in many ways over the past few decades. There are now technologies providing new ways to find ideal candidates for your company. Some of these technologies have been successful in helping companies to recruit on their own. There are some positions, however, that are so difficult to fill that you must turn to professional recruitment agencies to find that elusive, top-notch talent. So, let’s talk about these agencies that HR and many other professionals will invariably have to use from time to time.

Employee vs Independent ContractorMore and more technology enterprises are outsourcing some of their work to offshore teams. While this trend is prominent in software development -- especially in short life-cycle projects like mobile app development -- it is becoming a noticeable trend in many technology-driven industries.

Training as Recruiting

Human resources departments in companies across the country aim to recruit people to fill open positions. Unfortunately, many remain unfilled because many candidates lack the required credentials, experience, or knowledge to perform effectively. In addition, many tech companies harbor employees that under-perform. One way to address these issues is to consider implementing training initiatives through your company.


Companies seeking to recruit top candidates today face a rapidly changing recruiting landscape. For the first time in human history, a variety of mobile devices enable instantaneous communications between people on the move. How can businesses leverage their recruiting efforts in this new world?

The tech industry offers a lot of great jobs covering a wide variety of specialties and can be highly rewarding if each team member is in the right position at the right time. At times, though, you may notice the people you manage are no longer passionate about their job. Before you slide into those recruiting strategies to replace a current employee, let’s see if there is an actual need for it.


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