Training as Recruiting

Training as Recruiting

Human resources departments in companies across the country aim to recruit people to fill open positions. Unfortunately, many remain unfilled because many candidates lack the required credentials, experience, or knowledge to perform effectively. In addition, many tech companies harbor employees that under-perform. One way to address these issues is to consider implementing training initiatives through your company.

Building Your Tech Workforce: The Benefits of Training Initiatives

Training as recruiting can have a minor cost up front, but will be better for your long term business goals.

Restoring People to Work

Many employers have difficulty filling positions due to skill gaps in the available pool of candidates, but training initiatives can narrow them. Well-designed company training initiatives are a key part of re-training high quality, motivated employees that may be emigrating from one career to another by chance or choice. Not only do businesses benefit from restoring people to work, but the local and national economy improves as well.

Equipping New Employees for the Job

A business can use training programs to fully equip its new hires for a job in the technical field. Although there are usually a number of good generalized training curricula out there, there’s no substitute for insider’s take on how general principles apply (or not) to the real world. Pace is important because everyone is counting on new hires to develop strong technical skills in a short time. Tech companies that create training programs also grant opportunities to current employees to become mentors and trainers. it also expands your pool of possible candidates when you know that a stellar training program awaits them once hired. Training as recruiting will strengthen your team of employees as a whole.

Forming Beneficial Relationships to Find Talent

Job-driven training initiatives help to build relationships between public high schools, community and 4-year colleges, industry groups and government-sponsored job placement programs President Obama recently launched a tech training initiative to help fill 500,000 positions, and the Administration encourages tech companies to sponsor training initiatives of their own.

Many local colleges welcome newer employees to technology training programs sponsored in part by local businesses, and like a farm team system, program participants have an inside track to employment with local tech companies upon successful completion.

Creating a Diverse Workforce

Training initiatives can open the doors for good job candidates of every background to work with your tech company. Maintaining a diverse workforce is essential for any company to remain ethically and legally compliant with modern human resources standards, and to give minorities the opportunities they need. Training as recruiting is a good idea for any company looking to branch out their typical hiring process.

Bringing Current Workers Up to Code

Making sure everyone is on the same page in the latest best practices, codes and products means periodic training. It also provides for mobility pathways so no one feels stuck in a position they have outgrown. Some of the best learning occurs when it can be applied the next day on the job! The strengths and weaknesses of employees are often exposed through training programs, but regular participation in seminars and classes can remedy the shortfall or recommend further training.

Training as recruiting is a powerful solution that tech companies use to effectively close skill gaps of all kinds to empower and expand its workforce. Although training initiatives may be expensive, they are well worth the investment. They allow employers to cultivate high-performing employees that better accomplish company goals and objectives with greater ease. More tech companies are making the commitment to launch training initiatives to supplement their workforce with well-qualified, knowledgeable workers every year.

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