recruitment processIn today’s day and age, there are many ways to go about finding candidates to fill open positions. Most companies prefer to hire professional recruiters to help them find exactly the right candidate because it allows them to spend time on issues that are more relevant to their field. In addition, they assume that professional recruiters will be much more effective in seeking out highly qualified candidates. However, this is not always the case.

Hiring Practices: The Hidden Danger in Waiting too Long to Hire Additional EmployeesIt is always a little scary to hire additional employees. It is a good hiring practice to first make sure you have the business to support them, as you certainly don’t want to let other valuable employees go in order to afford new ones. It is human nature to want to make sure you have “all your ducks in a row” before you proceed with any decision, especially with one as important and costly as hiring for key positions.  It is normal for employers to be hesitant in proceeding with such a significant decision to alter the human capital of their company. As a result of this hesitancy, employers may end up not hiring anyone even though they need additional support to accommodate the increase in their business. Employers might think that resisting the need for additional employees is a pretty good plan, as it will keep their costs down as their profit increases. But wait just a minute - there is a hidden danger in this approach that every company should be aware of.

how to choose the right recruiter for your job searchAnyone who is in a position to hire for their company knows that hiring the right person is critical. If you hire someone who turns out not to be the right fit, you end up in a worse position than when you started due to having to let that person go and start the process all over again. The same is true for hiring the right recruiter. The job of your recruiter is critical.

Recruitment Trends for 2016As 2016 unfolds, we’re taking a look at what businesses in the technical industries can expect in the coming months. This will be a great year for the technology sector. 2016 is expected to bring more private sector, consumer and government business to the sector. How will this affect your recruiting? Will the technical recruitment trends for 2016 make it harder to find top talent for your open positions?

The good news is that you will probably have more business. The challenging news is that so will a lot of your competitors, and they will be looking for many of the same people to hire that you need. We have not seen this in quite a while, but now that the economy is getting better, we are starting to see a shortage of available skilled technical candidates.  


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