Hiring the Right Recruiter | Anderson Sterling Associates

By the time you have decided to hire a recruiter, you probably need one with particular expertise that you don’t already have in-house. Also, by this time you probably need to hire for your open position as soon as possible.There are countless recruiting agencies out there to choose from. When it comes time for you to hire one, finding the right one for your needs seems almost as daunting as hiring another employee. Do you want a big national firm or a boutique firm that specializes specifically in your industry? Do you want a sole proprietor who can give your search that individualized attention, but whose contacts may not be as numerous as the larger firm?  

In today’s environment, you are lucky to get the necessary approval to hire the people you so desperately need. You often have to jump through many more hoops than in the past and when you finally get approval to hire someone, often your hands are tied regarding potential salary and cost to fill the position. You are, however, so excited that finally - after needing to hire for the past year or more - you can now get the person you need to help grow the business. So now that you have an open position, you want to fill it with the best possible candidate in the shortest period of time and keep the recruiting costs down as much as possible. This is where your recruiting strategy becomes almost as important as who you hire.


"I am so glad I trusted the expertise of Anderson Sterling Associates to help me hire talent for General Dynamics! As the HR director, I appreciate ASA's collaborative approach and support for my department. It truly feels like Victor is part of our company. I am completely satisfied and look forward to working with ASA for future placements."
-Ana Sotomayor
Director of Human Resources at General Dynamics