Anderson Sterling Associates: Your Next Talent Acquisition Agency

Talent Acquisition with Anderson Sterling Associates


Your talent acquisition process does not have to be an extended, difficult experience. Sometimes it can seem especially overwhelming: There might be a great deal of talent, but there could also be personality issues or lacking skill sets. You need a helping hand to monitor all of the relevant hard and soft skills that a potential new employee may bring to the table. This partner for your talent acquisition search should be Anderson Sterling Associates, and here are the top reasons why.

Anderson Sterling Associates specializes in the high-tech industry


If any executive search firm understands the nuances of the digital company, it is Anderson Sterling Associates. With our industry-wide network of relationships we will be able to help you quickly pick the available talent who possess the personality that will perfectly fit your company culture. Although you definitely want your executives and managers to be leaders in your culture, you also need for them to be team players who can fit into an already existing structure.


We are well versed in the discipline of choosing executives across industries


Top level executives make moves across industries, to and from rivals, and into vastly different positions which don’t appear to the casual observer to have any connection. However, Anderson Sterling Associates understands the underlying skill set that a high tech employee needs in order to succeed in any business, and we can make a true assessment as to whether you can move with a professional executive who does not necessarily have experience in your part of the industry.


We can “read between the lines” 


Once you start talking about top level talent, there is only so much that can be put on paper. The rest of the assessment must be made through skills that are much harder to track - the ability of that executive to manage talent, dictate policy, share responsibility, motivate a team and remain results oriented. This can be difficult to assess when you aren’t very familiar with the candidate. Consider Anderson Sterling Associates your insider - we will get to the bottom of who is really an asset to a company with the soft skills that make the hard skill sets so much more productive.


We have relationships with executives on the move


You need to know who is ready for a move before you go into your search. If you have your eye on a particular individual, then knowing their schedule before any of your competition will give you a leg up on offers and timing. Anderson Sterling Associates will keep an ear to the street for you in order to determine who is on the move. We also work with HR teams who are charged with managing the process of matching roles with skills, and sometimes there is an ill fit with which we can help both the business and the associate find solutions. There is nothing better than knowing that you have the right people on your side when it comes to the all-important investment in talent acquisition for your company. Give us a call at Anderson Sterling Associates so that we can aid you in your search immediately. We have the connections and the experience ready for your company!


"I am so glad I trusted the expertise of Anderson Sterling Associates to help me hire talent for General Dynamics! As the HR director, I appreciate ASA's collaborative approach and support for my department. It truly feels like Victor is part of our company. I am completely satisfied and look forward to working with ASA for future placements."
-Ana Sotomayor
Director of Human Resources at General Dynamics