Technology Jobs and Your Smartphone


Companies seeking to recruit top candidates today face a rapidly changing recruiting landscape. For the first time in human history, a variety of mobile devices enable instantaneous communications between people on the move. How can businesses leverage their recruiting efforts in this new world?

Technology Jobs Anderson Sterling Associates1. Recognize Recruitment for Technology Jobs Now Requires Mobile Contacts

Unlike the telephone "land lines" of yesteryear, today's lightweight, versatile wireless mobile devices allow greater scheduling flexibility. No longer must a prospective job candidate remain tied to a single, fixed location in order to discuss a possible employment change. This fact holds serious ramifications for personnel recruitment.

Also, the vast majority of younger workers today rely extensively on mobile technology. They access the Internet through a smartphone or tablet or wearable tech to surf to company websites or visit social media platforms. Firms seeking to recruit these individuals may find online mechanisms highly effective in forming an initial relationship with your company.  

2. Make Certain Your Company Website and Recruiting Items Load Well on Mobile Devices

In order to use mobile technology for recruitment purposes, companies must ensure that the prospective employer's website loads well on a small, portable screen. Sites which display clearly on personal computers or laptops sometimes don't appear the same on other platforms.

For instance, an online visitor depending on a smartphone screen will encounter problems viewing and interacting with buttons, forms, and text if your portal is not optimized to be responsive to the viewing platform. This issue concerned Google so much that the company recently changed its search algorithm to rank sites with excellent performance on mobile devices much higher on search returns. If your company recruits online, check to ensure the site displays effectively on several different mobile devices.

3. Make Effective Use of Social Media Campaigns

With over a billion monthly visitors, Facebook enjoys immense influence as a popular social media location. However, other online spaces today also attract many visitors. Numerous people with mobile devices meet new friends, exchange ideas, shop, and conduct research on their small screens.

Businesses seeking to recruit talented candidates to their open technology jobs may find that social media campaigns are an effective way to begin cultivating a relationship with prospects. You can use these types of sites to promote your brand and attract followers in the process.

4. Employ Customer Relationship Management Tools

Your company sales department likely uses some form of CRM (customer relationship management) to keep track of sales contacts and prospects. Some personnel recruitment firms depend upon the same types of automated tools on mobile platforms to help locate and keep track of contacts with prospective hires. Especially when dealing with younger candidates, these tools offer a valuable addition to your recruitment arsenal.

5. Appreciate That Mobile Technology Can’t Do Everything

Finally, although interacting with mobile technology enhances your recruiting efforts, it remains vital for Human Resource Managers to appreciate that effective recruitment demands a more personal, face-to-face approach at some point. A potential employer can't assess all the intangibles such as personality, body language, charisma and other qualities effectively, even if they use Facetime or Skype.

Effective mobile recruitment appreciates the helpful aspects of technology, but in order to fully appreciate reality, a potential new hire and an employer need to meet in person before closing the deal.

Anderson Sterling Associates ("ASA") enjoys over 30 years of experience in the personnel recruiting field.Our firm specializes in assisting tech firms and always enjoys positive working relationships with Human Resources departments. Our wide network of contacts among technology companies allows us to provide our clients with a high success rate in bringing on new talent to fill vacant technology jobs.



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