Technical Staffing for Consumer Electronics Companies

Leaders in the consumer electronics field may be highly qualified at engineering or sales but not necessarily in marketing themselves. Great employees are always in short supply, so how can you find them? Many talented candidates might be currently working for your competitors and not actively seeking a job. We at Anderson Sterling Associates are the technical staffing experts that can acquire the best talent in the industry for key positions in your company at an affordable price. Our pricing method gives you full control over the amount of time and resources you want to invest, and our search strategies are comprehensive enough to find those great employees for you.

The Advantages of Staffing with Anderson Sterling Associates

You don’t want applicants – you want qualified candidates. You don’t want just plain resumes, you want solutions. Anderson Sterling Associates has almost 30 years of experience with talent acquisition in the consumer electronics industry. This has allowed us to develop a proprietary screening process to find you the best talent that not only meets your expectations and job requirements, but also fits your one-of-a-kind company culture. Additionally, we have created a unique pricing method that is neither contingency, nor retainer-based, nor is it a flat rate. Our method allows you to have full control over how much time and money you want to invest in your executive search. Another advantage is that HR departments never see us as adversaries. We work closely with your company and HR staff to understand company culture, goals, and strategies.

Our Approach for Technical Staffing

It just may be that paying for in-house recruiting is a thing of the past. The age of instantaneous and global competition means expanding and speeding up your recruitment process. Do you really have the time to sift through hundreds of resumes, interview and screen candidates or would you be better off investing that time somewhere else in the company? Is your in-house recruiter able to seek those candidates who might be currently working for another company? Anderson Sterling Associates gives you the option to monitor potential employees who currently work for your competition. Our technical staffing experts target both active and passive job seekers through our wide network to bring you the best choices in the industry.

Our Focus

There is a reason that we are able to fill in open technical positions with our clients so quickly: we specialize in the field. Whether you are looking for someone who understands the industry of medical devices, aerospace or defense, robotics, consumer electronics, or another technical industry, our streamlined focus in this area yields outstanding candidates for your company.

Because we are also well versed in what makes a great employee, our proprietary screening process is among the best in the business. Once a candidate gets to your desk, you can rest assured that this person has been thoroughly screened and interviewed and is most likely a perfect match for your company’s culture. 

Working with Your Current Resources

We are not adversaries with your current human relations department. Feel free to research any of our current clients or check out the testimonials on your website to see exactly how we collaborate with HR in a synergistic way. We want to be a resource, not a hindrance to your current resources. 

When you get tired of looking through thousands of resumes only to find lackluster clients that do not fit your company culture, give the technical staffing experts at Anderson Sterling Associates a call. Find out how our proprietary search process and affordable and fair pricing method will make a different for your business. We look forward to helping you acquire the best talent for your company!


"I am so glad I trusted the expertise of Anderson Sterling Associates to help me hire talent for General Dynamics! As the HR director, I appreciate ASA's collaborative approach and support for my department. It truly feels like Victor is part of our company. I am completely satisfied and look forward to working with ASA for future placements."
-Ana Sotomayor
Director of Human Resources at General Dynamics