Revolutionary Recruitment Strategies for Medical Devices Companies

Hiring highly competent employees is a necessity for growth. Success comes with experience and expertise in strategic roles. When it comes to technical positions that require a high level of training and knowledge, most companies will either outsource the hiring process with a search firm, or they will hire an in-house recruiter to manage the hiring process.

An in-house recruitment model can be more cost effective than using an outside recruiter or headhunting firm. However, Anderson Sterling Associates offers a third option that functions as a hybrid model of the first two options. Our revolutionary recruitment strategies allow us to perform extensive evaluations to find you the best talent for you company that not only exceeds your criteria, but also fits your distinctive company culture.

Cost Effectiveness is Essential

The chief criterion that drives a company's decision to use the in-house recruitment model over traditional recruitment agencies is cost. It is very difficult to outsource executive recruitment to agencies that can offer high-quality services and satisfactory results while remaining within a budget that competes with doing it in house. However, we have developed unique recruitment strategies that are cost effective enough to allow us to compete with retaining an in-house recruiter, while producing significantly better results. Our fees are neither contingency-based nor retainer-based. We provide you with a comprehensive proposal that includes the time needed to complete your search, a performance guarantee, and the total cost. Our method gives you full control over the time and resources you invest in executive search - a proprietary method that no other recruitment agencies employ.

Our Unique Recruitment Strategies

We use proprietary recruitment strategies that not only allow us to recruit in a manner that is cost effective, but are also able to extend well outside of the scope of in-house searches. For instance, an in-house recruiter normally does not have the authority to conduct a search that reaches candidates that are currently working for competitors; however, our agency does have that immensely important capacity. Most often, the best talent in the industry is already hired and not actively searching for new jobs. Unlike in-house recruiting methods, our approach is pro-active. We don’t just post job openings and collect resumes; we seek the best talent for your company.

Functioning as Partners

One issue that many companies have with traditional recruitment agencies is the possible adversarial relationship with their HR department; however, we go to great lengths to develop a healthy and functional relationship with our clients' HR staffs. Over nearly three decades, we have developed a high level of expertise in filling numbers of key high-tech positions for clients who see us as valued partners. We focus our efforts on dealing with the unique issues facing companies with focuses such as medical devices, aerospace/defense, robotics, consumer electronics, and more.

Proper Sourcing and Screening

When recruiting, it is crucial to have the ability to thoroughly investigate all candidates to ensure that they will be an ideal fit for the open position. Expertise and experience are extremely important, but the "on paper" ideal candidate may become a disaster if they don’t fit into the company culture. Our experts at Anderson Sterling Associates work closely with company executives and HR departments to be able to learn the culture as well as an in-house recruiter would. In fact, our clients claim that, unlike other recruitment agencies they have worked with, ASA truly feels like an extension of their own company. 

Our process is simple- we save our clients from the tedious task of having them go through stacks upon stacks of resumes and we save you time and money while supplying you with the best talent in the industry. And that's what makes Anderson Sterling Associates one of the best technical recruitment agencies.


"Anderson Sterling Associates is not only the most competent search firm I have worked with, but their unique business model is more cost effective and time saving than any recruiting company I know of."
-Bo Thomas
CFO at Raytheon Space Systems