The Best of HR Recruitment Agencies for Robotics Companies

Robotics is a field that's rapidly growing and changing. Companies hoping to stay in the forefront of this industry must have a constant talent base of highly-skilled, creative, innovative leaders. We at Anderson Sterling Associates can provide you with the ideal candidates to fill open executive positions. We can provide you with highly-qualified, talented, experienced executives that can immediately make a difference. Time is money! So the sooner you can fill the gaps in your executive staff, the better prepared you are to serve your customers and take advantage of any competitive edge that may arise.

Not Your Conventional HR Recruitment Agency

There are lots of HR recruitment agencies vying for your business, but there's no comparison when it comes to the quality of the executives we can provide and the speed with which we can provide them. Our recruitment team is always searching locally, regionally, and nationally for executive candidates that meet the required skill set and qualifications. We also pay attention to how well the executive fits your company’s culture. Our experts work closely with your company or HR department to not only learn the culture, goals, and strategies, but also to understand where your weaknesses and challenges are so that they can be addressed by talented new employees. We have developed an extensive and thorough screening process that looks at both active and passive job seekers to bring you the best in the industry. With almost 30 years of experience hiring executives in the robotics industry, Anderson Sterling Associates has the expertise and networks to find the best talent for your company. What puts ASA above all other HR recruitment agencies is our unique, proprietary, cost-effective pricing method - think of it as a result of combining the benefits of an expert executive search firm and those of an affordable in-house recruiter.

Cost Efficiency, Expertise, or Both?

There are a lot of hidden costs associated with the HR recruitment agencies for placing new executives. If you're using an in-house recruitment team, they begin by soliciting applications. Next they’ll find themselves using countless hours to go through hundreds of resumes to identify suitable candidates. These candidates must then be interviewed and investigated before they can be hired. Once hired, they must then be brought up to speed with the situation in your company. That takes a lot of time and can cost your company a significant amount of money before the executive is able to begin having an impact on your company. 

The trade-off most companies experience with executive search firms is paying large fees for their expertise. Whether retainer or contingency-based, the cost of hiring a search firm can be a big investment and it doesn’t give much control over their search process and costs. Anderson Sterling Associates has developed a unique pricing method that is neither retainer, nor contingency-based, but neither is it a flat rate. Our method competes with the cost of hiring an in-house recruiter, gives you full control over the amount of search and money invested, and it gives you access to our expertise and three decades of experience in talent acquisition.

Extended Reach and Knowledge of the Market

Knowledge of the product and the industry are vital for success in robotics, and so is experience. However, we understand that exceeding the job requirements doesn’t necessarily make someone a great candidate. You want to make sure they fit the company culture. This is why our experts work closely with your company and HR department to understand the culture, goals, and strategy. We then use our expertise and knowledge of the consumer electronics market to help you find the best talent. Throughout our decades of experience, we developed a wide network in the industry that targets both active and passive job seekers.

We understand where and how to recruit the best executive candidates. You can rest assured that Anderson Sterling Associates will present you with the few most outstanding candidates that were thoroughly screened and interviewed and who match your company’s culture. 

For more information on how our pricing and executive search method stands out from all HR recruitment agencies, give us a call today!


"Anderson Sterling Associates is not only the most competent search firm I have worked with, but their unique business model is more cost effective and time saving than any recruiting company I know of."
-Bo Thomas
CFO at Raytheon Space Systems